Friday, March 20, 2009

Changes, yet again

Silly, but I can't let go of these blogs. I did, however, transfer the posts that followed these from to Once I went from fully retired to semi-retired, I could no longer spend the time on multiple blogs, though I tried.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Blogger Help Sites

I found these sites quite useful in experimenting with Blogger.

Beta Blogger for Dummies

Beautiful Beta

Blog U

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Good Morning

I have transferred all posts formerly here to my own domain. Please, change your links now to:

I added a new title, as well: Shh? No! Speak up!

I have carried my former posts there, however, will focus primarily on rants and raves and Wordless Wednesday in the future. I will soon write briefly on this blog:

. . . about Blogger help sites that helped me and those I stumble on that I didn't rely on as much, merely for lack of time, but that had helpful information.

I am leaving Blogger for this blog, but having used both Blogger and before making the move to, I feel Blogger is the easier of those two to learn and use. I actually love it, but wanted my own domain and could only, under their current setup chose a url that included one or the other: www or nothing. In one respect that is not a bad thing, but for my own reasons I wanted both. I also wanted to learn more about creating websites in general, were that not the case, I would most likely have stayed here. Blogger has added a lot of features in recent months. Look around before you decide, there are wonderful Blogger blogs out there, people have made many of them not just good, but great.

It was hard given up the page rank I had built up, and the Technorati ratings, such as they were, but, life is not just about playing safe, but going for something we want - within reason, I suppose.

Content, however, is still the point, in blogging. Using a platform you are comfortable with means you will, indeed, use it as a platform for your words. Words are meant to come out - somewhere, in some form. Join us.